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SOS Electrical is a locally owned residential electrician company dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line services, from the scheduling to the on-site process. We believe electrical services should be tailored to your needs while we strive at every step for your satisfaction. Our overall work reflects our core values of quality, communication, and accommodation.

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Meet the Team

Chris Olszewski
• Owner & Electrician
Darren Summers • Owner & Electrician
Evan Shirk
• Owner & Electrician

Since the end of our electrical schooling, our team of three knew we wanted to use our education for the community. Since then, we’ve created an electrical company that improves the electrical industry in communication, quality, and accommodation. Almost half a decade later, our company, “SOS Electrical LLC” has served hundreds of homeowners, including several locally renowned companies, with our core values and exceptional service. License PA167414


Our Residential Electrician Services

From outlet replacements to full house wiring, we got you covered.


When an electrical essential breaks down it can be frustrating. No need to worry, SOS Electrical can get your needs covered.


Getting your kitchen redone? Finally finishing that basement? SOS Electrical sees to it that your electrical is done right for your project.


No matter how small, any replacement your home needs is our priority. Outlets, switches, lights, and fans any and all


For that one room that doesn’t have lighting that you’re just using lamps for, installations are great from getting a dim room lit up.


If you’re a contactor who needs electrical work done ASAP we provide electrical opportunities to help you get your project done fast!

New Construction

SOS Electrical provides new construction services to knock out entire homes swiftly. Rough-in or finish-out, we’ve got you covered.

Some Local Clients You May Recognize

Though we typically serve residential clients, SOS Electrical has had its hand in servicing fellow local companies. Moreover, our continued relationships with these establishments allow us to upkeep electrical throughout Lancaster County, PA. Please feel free to visit the websites of these clients below.

Serving Your Neighbors 1 Job at a Time…

Ian A.
Chris and Evan were very professional each time that we discussed our project. As a customer, professionalism is of the utmost importance to me. You vote with your money, and I would recommend SOS Electrical to anyone requiring general electrical assistance with their home.

Maria C.
Chris from SOS Electrical did a great job! He was friendly, efficient, and detailed. They were friendly on the phone and quick to provide an estimated quote in addition to a quick turnaround as far as taking care of my electrical problem. I highly recommend you consider them for your next electrical need.

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Repairs are a necessary part of any functioning home. Your electrical stops working, water gets in where water used to be kept out, and electrical breaks down. Luckily, most times, it’s a noninvasive fix that can be taken care of and forgotten about. Whether it’s an outside GFCI that has turned off your water pump or a fan that no longer spins, the fix is at your fingertips. No matter how small, SOS Electrical has you covered.

recessed lights


The 1960s called, they want their kitchen back. Time for a renovation! No matter how you pursue the renovation, SOS Electrical will be there for your electrical needs. Besides, you will want to add some outlets, recessed lights, and of course updated electrical for your appliances.

recessed lights


We get it; your lights and not-very-smart switches and outlets get dim and boring. Spruce up your living space with a new fan light combo, a dimmer switch for movie night, and especially a USB outlet to save space. Get in touch with us for our knowledge of state-of-the-art products to add that flair you’ve always wanted to your home.


Have you been using outlets to power lamps in every living space? Tired of the dark rooms and extension cords to get enough power? Let’s get you some recessed lighting for a brighter home. Because we all know having more lighting options and a brighter space is more convenient and provides a safer environment. Propel your lighting aspirations to the next step with an SOS Electrical professional.


SOS Electrical provides subcontracting services for contractors in need. Upgrade your portfolio from “minor electrical” to taking on full, in-depth renovations. Reach out to discuss bids and similar inquiries.

New Construction

SOS Electrical provides rough-in and finish-out labor for new work projects. Instead of waiting months to get an electrical contractor on your project, reach out today!

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